Design trends come and go so it’s important to try and design your space with practical finishes that won’t go out of style quickly or that will leave you bored and in need of a renovation.

Here are some design trends for the upcoming year that always remain trendy:

Black kitchens

If you think it’s a bit too daring you can always opt for lighter flooring or lighter kitchen counters and backsplash to tone it down. Important tip : ideally it’s important to have good lighting in the room when using black.

I absolutely love this trend! I would say it began late this year and will remain for 2020 and I believe for years to come too.

This is like having a basic ‘little black dress’ in your closet – it’s safe yet has edge to it so you can never go wrong with that!

Rounded shapes

This trend is definitely a big one for 2020. Rounded shapes in upholstered items can make the biggest statement in your room especially when everything else in the space has square like edges.

I especially love a coloured dining chair or sofa with rounded edges for the living/dining area.

Organic and natural materials

This one might not be for everyone but if you’re into natural materials such as seagrass and bamboo then it’s your time to shine!

It’s becoming more common these days for the design industry to use recycled materials in a lot of their furniture and decor so not only does this amazing trend add something interesting and unique to your home but it also helps the planet.




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