I get a ton of people asking me for design tips and what my opinion is on some of the things they choose to purchase for their homes and I always try to be as honest as possible but ultimately we all have different taste and this is not so say I’m always right.. However some of these design faux-pas have been extremely common and extremely daunting to keep seeing on repeat.

So here are the Top 5 Design Mistakes you should stay away from :

 1Over decorating the room.

I see this waaay too often. I’m all about decorating but empty corners are actually a good thing. Adding too much furniture or décor pieces in one space setting can really make the entire room look crammed and cluttered (and we don’t want that). In other words, less is more.


 2. Everything matchy-matchy.

So what if all your furniture is wengé ? Don’t be afraid to play with different coloured woods in the same room and mixing different colours together for example greys and browns which to some people is a major no-no. Remember it’s not about the colours, it’s all about finding the right tones that complement each other.


 3. Order of designing.

Many people don’t know from where to start. Some begin with looking at kitchens before even having an idea of what they want or are looking for. I personally love using mood boards as a visual guide of what each room could potentially look like. If you don’t have that option, start with the wall colours and flooring so that will be your foundation and move on from there..



 4. Not taking measurements seriously.

You might think you can get away with an armchair that is a few centimetres larger but in reality this will throw off the whole room and make it less comfortable in general for you to use day to day. It’s better to keep looking than to settle for something that is not the best fitting size for your space.



5. Using décor that is same height.

When adding finishing touches and last remaining pieces (which make all the difference) opt for using different items with all sorts of dimensions, this will make the space look so much more interesting and well put together. Book stacks, table lamps and different vases for example would be a great choice of pieces.

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