An organised bathroom vanity/glam room is a must for a make-up and skin care buff like me. However you don’t necessarily need a glam room, simply a gorgeous vanity with ample storage and good lighting is enough to achieve your goals!

First off, you need to choose furniture with plenty of drawers and compartments to store your products.

Most of the time it’s quite difficult to find ready made (glam room style) vanities with enough storage space therefore consider getting it custom made so you can choose sizes and different panelling depending on your taste.

If you’re someone who has products upon products, it’s always best to keep everything well organised and stored safely.

The best storage containers for cosmetics I find are baskets or clear containers for your drawers as they look super clean and tidy and not to mention easy accessible which is the most important!

Let’s not forget those on-the-counter products that you use everyday.

Everyone needs cute and stylish little trays and organisers for those q-tips, creams, oils and moisturisers.

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