Both curtains and blinds have their pros and cons and typically people tend to strive towards one or the other. This is not to say you can’t have both in one setting because you totally can!

For me, it really depends on the room, wether you’re designing a kitchen or a bedroom, living room or a bathroom.

I tend to go for curtains in homes with large spaces as they create a cosy and warm feel to me, personally. Then I choose blinds in smaller rooms or office spaces as well as areas that usually contain steam or moisture normally those are kitchen, bathroom, laundry room.

Sheer Curtains :

Oh, I love a good sheer. These curtains bring in natural light while still having that sense of privacy. These in my opinion work best in large spaces such as living rooms, large entry ways or corridors and I would say they are my absolute favourite and I love using them in my designs because there’s nothing better than a bright and well lit room :

Black out curtains :

These curtains work in any room depending on how much natural light you want coming in.

I think it’s safe to say they are a must in a bedroom because you obviously don’t want to see any type of light when you’re still rolling around in bed at 5:00am. – No, thank you.

It’s also a good idea to consider adding a sheer with the black out curtain or blind as this gives you a chance to play with textures and add more colour with the fabrics and it gives you the best of both when you want to have a lit room vs a wind-down darker ambience.

These are some great examples of some gorgeous spaces for your Monday inspiration :

Hope you loved these inspo ideas !



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