We all know that lighting is the most important thing in your home. Regardless of how you furnish your house, the lighting can either make or break the entire space.

When starting a project or even looking for a property , you should always begin with brainstorming your layout and look into how much/little natural light there is available in your room so you can start to determine your lighting plan.

General lighting is the first step. This is basically your main source of light in the room and it usually fills the entire room with the same amount of light.

Here are some cool and unique examples of how I would incorporate general or ambient light:

Once you get that out of the way, you can start looking for your accent lights. This is where you can play around and find cool fixtures mainly for décor purposes to show off your new art work or your gorgeous stair case.

Lastly, we have task lighting. The whole scope of task lighting is to provide focused light where it’s needed such as your kitchen counter for when you’re cooking, bathroom/vanity mirror for when you’re applying make-up, bedside table for reading or your office desk.

I just love all these inspo ideas for task lighting!




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