One trend I have started to see lately which is really taking 2019 by storm is wabi sabi.

The Japanese term  wabi sabi was created in the 1400’s and it’s basically translated to live and accept that the world is imperfect and thats ok.

In design, the whole idea is to find imperfections and embrace them , keep it neutral and use mostly natural and organic materials in a modern space. Simplicity is key.

One easy way to introduce this style into your home is to use natural woods. Choose wood grains that stand out, have a rough texture and are stained or naturally imperfect.

Another cool way you can introduce wabi sabi is by using stone or cement elements in your space.

For final touches and decorative items, you can include different style vases and plant pots usually of a neutral tone as well as abstract art work to fill in the little spaces and make it a little bit more minimalist chic.

Shop wabi sabi inspired items below :

Zara home irregular teak table – €149

Zara home rustic pitcher – €19.99

Zara home decorative face figure – €29.99

Zara home natural banana leaf fibre basket – €89.99

Zara home grey raw shaped 100% recycled glass bottle – €29.99


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