When doing up a place, I ask myself – ”What look and vibe are we going for in this place?”

It goes beyond modern versus classic when designing a functional space. It all boils down to who the client is.


”What does the client do for a living?”

”Is this a family home or more of a bachelor/bachelorette pad?”

”Is the client more into vibrant colour palettes or is he more of a neutral type of person?”

”Is storage a priority?”

”Do the kids share bedrooms or have separate rooms?”


”What is the client aesthetically attracted to?”


These are some crucial questions when starting a new project because eventually this needs to be a liveable space and most importantly comfortable for the owner to proceed with his/her daily responsibilities.

The ones that work from home:

For this type of client, a calming, organised and functional office space is a priority.

A clutter-free space where you can get away from the world and focus on your work peacefully without any distractions.

The ones with kids

Most of the time I find families are in desperate need of the following two when designing a space:-

  1. Ample storage space.
  2. A functional, kid-friendly (crayon and marker removable) living room.

You can still opt to have white couches and white walls (at your own risk) but compromising and adding soft textures rather than sharp edged, easily breakable surfaced furniture already can make huge difference not to mention prevent any accidents from happening.

The ones that love to entertain

For this client the possibilities are endless.

I find a great open plan with a kitchen, living and dining room works best so everyone merges into one space making it easier to entertain.

A large dining table (or extendable table if limited for space) is most often a requirement.

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