During this crazy period when we’re all home day after day we might find ourselves wanting to change things up in our homes. Wether it’s completely re organising your wardrobe or re painting a room or maybe even picking a new wallpaper for your bedroom we can still find ways to keep busy.

It’s something totally do able and productive whilst still maintaining social distancing and let’s face it, anything to keep us occupied!

Here are some helpful tips for you who wish to dive into design whilst quarantining : –


Start with getting some inspiration from Pinterest. I constantly do this, wether its for a personal project or for a client. I love getting inspo. The content is endless.

Get creative

Do the little things you’re always too busy to do.

Create a mood board.

Paint the walls or do touch ups.

Order some new plants and dive into some gardening.

Re decorate a room with existing furniture and decor.

Create some storage by hanging some new shelving or even create your own!

Resort to the web

Online shopping is your current best friend. Most local stores are delivering right to your door so you can still get those DIY shelves without needing to leave your house.

Get an online consultation 

Wether you’re planning on moving to a new place or would like to re do your existing space getting a design consultation with a designer is essential.

Get in touch for a free online design consultation where we can discuss layout, potential ideas and overall plans for the project.



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